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Everything in life involves Business.

Think about the shoes you bought last week and then think of what businesses made it possible for you to be wearing them right now.  The obvious ones are the shop and the manufacturing plant, but what about the cotton growers, the label makers, the Delivery Company, health and safety, even the companies that manage the finances of all those businesses?  Thinking about all those processes and people allows you to begin to understand what Business Studies is all about.

Business is a major part of everyone’s life and anybody who has a good idea about how businesses work are at an immediate advantage in the future.  Becoming knowledgeable about how businesses operate helps everyone to understand how the engine that drives the world’s economies works.



Business Communication and Technologies

Through the use of our three contexts (retail, events administration and travel) students are able to further develop their ANALYTICAL SKILLS while they learn about business administration.  It is envisaged that there will be two excursions throughout the course which will again give the students the opportunity to see how businesses operate and the impact of decisions that are made.

Business Management

Studying Business management lets you be creative and innovative as you learn how businesses are managed, and understand the important role that managers play in business.  In Business Management, you will explore the main functions of businesses and the ways that these functions work together to achieve business goals.

Legal Studies

This subject helps students to develop an understanding of our legal system and how it affects basic rights, obligations and responsibilities.  The course enables students to learn through investigation of legal issues.  Students will develop higher order thinking skills including, analysing, evaluating and justifying and will learn using case studies and scenarios. 

Certificate II in Business

Business aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitude to operate effectively in a business environment. Students will complete a number of individual modules each term and they will be required to show competence in each module by the end of the course.


Tourism Studies aims to provide students with knowledge, reasoning and communication skills necessary to gain employment in an entry level position within the Tourism Industry.  Students undertake four thematic units introducing them to all sectors of this complex yet exciting industry. 

Certificate II in Workplace Practices

Workplace Practices aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to effectively operate in the work force.  Students will engage in both theoretical and practical aspects of work education through classroom learning and work placement.