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Corrective Reading Program


What is Corrective Reading?

Corrective Reading is a comprehensive reading intervention program. It offers three distinct elements to ensure student success:

1. Thoroughly developed and tested program that increases in complexity as students progress.

2. Scripted presentation approach that uses a brisk pace, carefully chosen exercises and examples to engage reluctant learners.

3. Learning materials including student books, workbooks, teacher presentation books and guides.

Key Features:

Tightly sequenced lessons provide the structure and practice struggling readers need to master high-priority skills and strategies.

Briskly paced, teacher-directed instruction and special presentation techniques engage reluctant readers.

Ongoing assessment enables the teacher to adjust pacing, provide immediate feedback and offer meaningful reinforcement.

Built-in management rewards hard work and creates enthusiasm by showing students how much they have improved.

Who needs decoding intervention?

Students who need decoding intervention typically have little reading experience and are not familiar with the vocabulary, sentence structure, text organisation and concepts of ‘book’ language. Without intervention their comprehension skills decline, they develop negative attitudes toward reading and they become poor spellers and writers.

Students with decoding problems:

  •  Make frequent word-identification errors.
  • Make word omissions, additions, or confuse high-frequency words (e.g., what/that, of/for).
  • Don’t understand the relationship between the arrangement of letters in a word and the pronunciation of the word.
  • Don’t read a passage with the degree of accuracy needed to understand what the passage actually says.
  • Have inadequate reading rates, making it difficult for them to remember the various details of the passage, even if they were decoded accurately. 

In our School:

Under the leadership of our specially-trained Reading Intervention Coordinator, Mrs Jacinta Gordon, students that meet the criteria of the Reading program are given intensive training with 2 x 70 minute lessons per week. Feedback from students , staff and parents about this initiative has been excellent.