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English is a global language, and one of the chief means of communication between nations and cultures in our time. It is therefore crucial that all students learn English language and literature, and should leave school speaking, reading and writing with fluency and accuracy. In addition, as a foundation language for learning many other disciplines, mastery of English is essential to succeed in any area of life. 

Senior English

Students of English learn to challenge a wide range of texts – from the media to literature to all sorts of popular culture texts. They learn to respect the power of language and gain the skills to use it effectively. In each senior year, students of English complete a variety of spoken and written tasks, two spoken and four written. These tasks are in a range of genre (styles) and under a range of conditions




English Communication

English Communication has been developed as an alternative for students who may seek more specific workplace communication skills or struggle with the demands of Academic English. It aims to offer practical training in using English to communicate. The course involves using a wide range of spoken, visual and multi-media texts for work, community and leisure contexts. English Communication is an Authority-registered subject.