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There is undeniable evidence showing a link between learning a foreign language and high skill levels in other subject areas, including Maths and English.

Students recognise the importance in contemporary society of learning additional languages and using intercultural skills. We offer three main languages, German, Italian and Japanese. Other languages are also studied via Distance Education.

Also, learning a language can improve analytical and interpretative skills, as well as expanding knowledge about other countries and cultures.

Our Senior Language subjects give our students the opportunity to travel and immerse themselves in the real life culture and language they are studying. Students have had the opportunity to visit Germany, Italy and Japan.


The content is an extension of that covered in years 9 and 10.  Topics are expanded and studied in further depth, in both Year 11 and Year 12.  There are four major themes, which cover our daily lives.  Students will have the opportunity to visit a German restaurant, participate in a fortnightly German conversation group, participate in Language Immersion Days or host an Exchange student or a student from our sister school in Hamburg, Germany. Our school has established strong links with this school and every two YEARs, students have the opportunity to spend four weeks in Germany.  This incorporates extensive travel throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria, as well as a stay with a host family to practice language and enjoy the experience of living in Germany. 


By the end of Year 12, learners will be able to communicate in standard Italian in the four macroskills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Italian will be studied through a variety of learning strategies including the use of the communicative approach and language activities using authentic written materials such as texts, novels, magazines, newspapers, cartoons and music lyrics and using a variety of language learning technologies such as the internet, interactive computer programs, Italian TV programs and films. Additionally, there is the opportunity for Italian students to participate in a Cultural and Language trip to Italy every two years, to study language at the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Florence and our sister school Einaudi Casaregis Galilei in Genova.


The course is designed to be studied over four semesters and offers advanced studies in Japanese language and culture, emphasising practical language situations. A wide range of communicative topics are studied within the four major themes: family and community; leisure, recreation and human activity; school and post school options; and social issues. Students will be given the opportunity not only to visit Japan, but also visit Japanese restaurants and participate in a variety of cultural activities which are both school-based and external. Through its international program, our school has established strong links with a number of schools in Japan, and students will be invited to learn from and interact with Japanese students from a number of exchange trips.