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Biology is a rapidly developing and changing science and, with more technical advances, new issues and ethical questions are raised.  The course seeks to develop and diversify individual skills, attitudes and values and the abilities of working and communicating with others.  Understanding biological concepts can help students make wise decisions about managing their own lives and the natural environment for the benefit of the whole “web of life”.


A knowledge of Chemistry can assist students in understanding and interpreting many experiences in their everyday surroundings, thus enriching their daily lives.  Students will also appreciate the impact of chemical knowledge and technology on society.

Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology designed for students who have an interest in the practical application of Science, Mathematics and Technology.  This course is designed to assist students to understand the concepts and principles of engineering in its broadest sense. The course draws upon the fundamental principles of science, mathematics and technology, reinforcing conceptual ideas through practical workshop and laboratory activities.


The study of physics gives students a means of enhancing their understanding of the world around them and a way of developing useful skills and knowledge.  This is achieved through the use of a contextual “hands on” approach, with students developing extensive scientific literacy and practical skills.

Units to be studied include topics on measurement, forces, motion and various types of energy including sound, heat, light and nuclear energies.  Applications of these topics will also be investigated and discussed.

Science 21

Science21 deals with themes in real-world contexts that are of intrinsic interest and importance to students - the way the human body works, the ways we communicate, our place in the universe, our environment, our enjoyment of both synthesized and natural things.  Students can become knowledgeable and active participants in society through increased scientific literacy.

Horticulture - SAS

The course has a significant practical component and will appeal to students who enjoy outdoor work and who feel that they may pursue either further study, and/or employment in this area.  Students with a genuine interest in plants and gardens should also consider this subject.