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Work Experience


Work Experience.

Is aimed at students in senior years to sample an industry they may be considering for their future careers. It is an unpaid position and each student is covered by the Department of Education and Training workers compensation insurance.

It is achieved usually in the students own time across school holiday periods or over evening or weekends depending on the industry.

Structured Work Placements

This program is only offered to students in years 11 and 12 and is unpaid, usually for a set amount of time 10 days for a variety of certificate courses that are taken as a subject at school.

Some types of work experience and structured work placements have in the past led to part time employment and for some students even School Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships (SATS).

Work experience and structured work placements assist students in their transition from school to work and aim to:
  •  provide students with an opportunity to relate school studies with workplace context.
  • prepare students for the demands and expectations of the working world
  • help students make informed career decisions by assessing their aptitudes and interests, and exploring potential career
  • acquaint students with non-gender stereotyped occupations
  • give students insights into the nature of diversity of employees in the workplace
  • improve students’ maturity, confidence and self-reliance 

  • provide a link between school and local community

  • provide opportunities for students to become more informed about the current labour market issues

  • provide opportunities for students to learn about family care, household management and other unpaid work options in community activities

  • provide students with appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes concerning both paid and unpaid work

  • provide an opportunity to extend the theoretical learnings of the classroom into practical applications in the workplace

  • provide schools with an initiative to forge stronger links between education and industry.