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​A key priority at Alexandra Hills State High School is for every student to attend school all day every day.
Our school policy states that 95% whole school day attendance is the minimum acceptable level, that is, no more than 2.5 days absent per term.
Research has shown that each day absent in secondary school has an impact on numeracy and literacy skills. Higher student attendance is associated, on average, with higher student achievement.        
The Department of Education, Training and Employment’s ‘Every day counts’ policy outlines that children achieve better when they attend school all day, every day and going to school means getting a better chance at life.
Related links have interesting documents that may help parents.

Planned Extended Student Absence Process

All students planning on taking extended leave of 3 days or more will be required to complete the ‘Planned Extended Student Absence Form’ process at least 2 weeks prior to the leave occurring unless unforeseen circumstances don’t allow for this to happen. 
In the case that the planned absence will be of a duration of 10 days or more, an Exemption form will also need to be completed to enable us to formally grant leave for the period. This process will ensure that students are informed of the work required to enable them to keep up during their absence.
Students will be required to :-
1. Collect appropriate forms from Deputy Principal and see teachers for work.
2. Form to be signed by parent with a note explaining absences.
3. Return to Deputy Principal for copy to be made.
4. Upon return, see HOD Welfare with completed work.

Teenagers, anxiety and school

Many teenagers seek independence and think they know best. No matter how hard parents try, some students may be reluctant or refuse to go to school.

It is normal that, at some stage in life, every individual will feel anxious when faced with a difficult situation. During difficult times you can support your child to cope with anxiety in effective ways and by doing so, enhance their resilience.

We have useful documents and sites to assist parents in dealing  teenagers, anxiety and  school refusal. 


If you feel your child is experiencing difficulties attending school please contact the Head of Department Student Welfare.